Airwire and KartBlock take a step to Revolutionize the social payments space in eCommerce

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KartBlock now will be available on the Airwire platform as soon as the ICO ends in Q4 2018. This association will give the KartBlock token users another avenue to utilize the tokens and socially get connected over a platform that they have already been using.

AirWire is a US based corporation that has created a platform that allows for the transfer of cryptocurrency through social media, text message and email. Transfers on the platform are instant, secure and easy. They currently have a working platform that has integrated Twitter, text message, user-to-user on the platform and all email providers.  They will also be adding 14 social media sites in the coming months, including YouTube, WeChat, Twitch, Discord, Telegram, facebook, instagram and several others.

AirWire will be adding additional coins and tokens after their token sale has concluded, KartBlock now being one of those. AirWire gives the crypto –world access to the 3 billion people on social media and 5 billion people who own a mobile device. Most social media users have not currently adopted the use of cryptocurrency and current statistics estimate adoption at only 3%. AirWire not only integrates social media but does so in a way that is user friendly and removes the entry barrier that is currently in place.

Someone who wants to send cryptocurrency from the platform would simply click on send, then choose which social media site, email or SMS they wanted to send through, from there a list of their contacts would come up, they select the contact they want to send to and then choose which currency to send and the amount and then click send. The recipient would then receive a message in the inbox of whatever social media site it was sent through.  In the inbox it would say you received a certain number of coins or tokens and give an approximate USD value. A third-party debit card company is linked to the platform and the user can obtain a AirWire debit card and it can be funded directly from the platform. The debit card can then be used anywhere that debit is accepted as payment.

As a function this helps the KartBlock community to establish a social transfer mechanism over and above the existing wallet transfers. This will also help them to generate more options and choose the token of their liking and spend accordingly.

As an enabler of an eCommerce marketplace this holds a lot of substance and value that connecting social payment options with the conventional operations will not only help the community but give an advanced functionality to the business needs.

We at KartBlock are very excited with this association and will look at more ways to enable and execute any more collaborative options if available. The team at AirWire is doing an excellent job and have rolled out a fantastic product that we are proud to be associated with and look forward to working with them.


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