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IAME and Kartblock have entered into strategic partnership to integrate on two parts

  1. Securing the KYC requirements for all the investments raised on ICO; and
  2. Authenticating transactions to be undertaken on the platform; including the security of the payments channel

IAME is an entity adept in securing the trust in the channel for transactions, authentication of identity of the person undertaking the transactions, and securing the data collected in the above process.

Transparency and accountability being the helm of the KartBlock platform, will now get reflected in our ICO investment channel and platform payments channel in the form of an effective AML and KYC mechanism. — Said Waqas Nakhwa (CEO of KartBlock)

What IAME also brings on the table with this partnership is with it’s decentralise identification framework, this will allow cryptocurrency users to verify the identity of each other without having to disclose non-essential confidential information; and to make sure that they are not involuntarily involved in any illicit activity.

Identity Decentralisation:

The whole IAME identification process is truly decentralised. Making use of data sharing algorithms and consensus voting systems, we are building the first generation of un-hackable blockchain identity.

More information on IAME is available on their website

Join KartBlock Telegram Community : https://t.me/kartblock_Community


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