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KartBlock and Wishkiish

We at KartBlock are happy to announce that we have entered into an MOU with WishKnish to enable the reciprocal usage of tokens on each organizations platform.

WishKnish offers businesses, affiliates, and non-profits a decentralized marketplace platform for launching gamified, socially-engaged storefront communities equipped with the tools to turn regular users into super-fans and evangelizers while streamlining coin-agnostic e-com

KartBlock is an ecosystem combining an e-commerce platform, digital wallet, and tokenized reward mechanism. The simple yet powerful idea behind this ecosystem is directly rewarding the customers for their valuable contribution to the KartBlock platform, without the need for any middlemen.

“With KartBlock’s strong e-commerce roots outside the United States and our presence within, not to mention our platform- and coin-agnostic features, this felt like a natural partnership from the first meeting on. All that was left was to iron our the details,” shares the WishKnish CEO and co-founder, Ms. Alisa Gus. “We look forward to sharing our API’s and customer bases going forward. Blockchain commerce, and, indeed, the blockchain world, is what you’d call a blue ocean right now. It’s up to us to navigate it jointly for mutual fun and profit!”

The MOU will allow users of KartBlock Tokens to utilize their tokens on the WishKnish storefronts, with WishKnish users receiving the same benefit; the ability to use Wishknish tokens on the KartBlock platform. This partnerships further expands the reach of each organization, while significantly increasing the service and value to all users across both platforms.

“Wishknish offers the merchants of KartBlock e-commerce platform a wider audience to sell the products globally, this partnership is just natural to be associated. KartBlock will look to increase its customer base in the united states and offer wider products with tokenized payment solutions,” says KartBlock CEO, Waqas Nakhwa. “We look to take this partnership forward and strengthen the Blockchain technology association with combined development in the tokenized rewards mechanism.”

For more information on the KartBlock platform, you can visit the website – http://dev-kartblock-io.pantheonsite.io/

For more information on the WishKnish platform, you can visit the website – https://wishknish.com/


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