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KartBlock the decentralized back end solution to the eCommerce market place has been carefully researched and developed. Years of operational experience has put us in a position to develop a product that is worth the talk.

After consideration we had the opportunity to showcase and present the idea to one of the veterans of the industry, Advocate Roshni Lachhwani – I.P.R. Strategist, Trade Mark Attorney, Patent Analyst.


Roshni Lachhwani

Founder of Intellexsys Legal Soulutions, Armed with B.com, LLB and LLM, she ventured in the field of intellectual property, includes trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs and geographical indications.

Roshni Lachhwani has had her fair share of experience in relevant law firms. Roshni had harnessed the opportunity to put her education to practical application. Here this young bright lawyer not only saw this as an opportunity to learn but also as a stepping stone for establishing her own intellectual property law firm one day.

Today she has a worthy clientele and business expanded across the globe from varied industries. After doing an indepth analysis of the functional architecture of the product in full functionality Roshni has provided her excerpt mentioned below:

The traditional E-commerce industry was suffering from a lot of glitches in the existing technology and an advancement was the need of the hour. The growth of the industry staggered with the current infrastructure and an update was necessary for the continued growth. That is where the seeds of KarBlock were sown and it’s uniqueness helped in the robust journey so far.

Integrating Blockchain in the traditional e-commerce ecosystem is not only a novel concept but also a harmonious blend. KartBlock has gone a step ahead by integrating not only blockchain but also artificial intelligence and data analytics within the traditional e-commerce ecosystem. This helps in streamlining back-end operations.

Additionally, KartBlock believes in partnerships and in that belief executed alliances with leading businesses from different industries. Due to this, the KartBlock platform would be accessible to different type of users.

I believe that KartBlock displays a novel use of the combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence and data analytics integrated within the traditional e-commerce ecosystem and hence such novel concept must be secured. Such innovative and result-oriented integration could make KartBlock patentable.



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